Short story

  • Title
    • “The title of the short story is (…)”
    • “The title My son the Fanatic says a lot about the story because in the end the question is; who is really the fanatic?
  • Setting
    • “The setting is an auto shop.”
    • “The setting is seen through the boy’s point of view.”
    • “The setting is an Indian camp.”
  • Conflict
    • “The conflict between the narrator and her friends (…)”
    • “The situation in Indian Camp reveals a conflict between Nick and his father when (…)”
  • Main theme
    • “The main theme in the short story is (…)”
    • “The main theme in My son the Fanatic is the conflict between parents and children and how hard it can be to understand each other.”
  • Contrast
    • “The contrast between the native Americans and the white men in Indian Camp is illustrated (…)”
    • “In The son my Fanatic the contrast between the father and the son is almost a conflict, because they have very different views on how to live life.”
  • Development
    • “The development from child to man is illustrated by the way Nick is placed in the boat on the way over and the way back.”
    • “The development of the main character Nick (…)”
  • Point of view
    • “The short story is seen from the girl’s point of view.”
    • “Indian Camp is told from Nick’s point of view.”


  • Topic
    • “The topic is powerful women breaking through the glass ceiling through time.”
    • “The topic in Shonda Rhymes’ speech is to tell that all women can break through the glass ceiling.”
    • “The topic of this speech is equality – all men are created equal.”
  • Language
    • “The language is colloquial and very easy to understand.”
    • Ethos, “Martin Luther King has a lot of Ethos because he has a ph.d from Boston University. Also he became one of the founders of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.”
    • Pathos, “Martin Luther King appeals to Pathos by using emotional language. “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin.”
    • Logos, “
  • Intention
    • “The intention of the commercial from Virginia Slims is to sell cigarettes.”
    • “In the ad, the primary intention is to sell a product or a service.”
    • “The intention in Shonda Rhymes’ speech is to emphasize that each and every one can break through the glass ceiling and not just celebrities.”
  • Receiver
    • “The receiver oh the Shonda Rhymes speech at THR’s Power Woman event was the present audience (…)”
  • Circumstances
    • “The “I have a dream”- speech from 1963 was held in Washington D.C on the stairs in front of the Lincoln Memorial.”
  • Argument
    • “The argument used in Gabby Gifford’s Gun Lobby article is that she believes the senate is (…)”
    • “Shonda Rhymes makes the argument that she hasn’t broken through the glass ceiling.”
  • Medium/type of medium
    • “Shonda Rhymes speaks at the THR’s Power Woman event which is a closed event. Afterwards the speech was put on the internet and then the medium becomes a video on YouTube. “
    • Newspaper, webpage, article (printed or web), speech, podcast, ted-talk.
    • “The medium is a podcast that functions as a kind of colon the BBC website.”
    • “The medium is a printed media (newspaper) from the New Yorker.”
    • “The medium is an article from a website CNN.com”

Short film

  • Narrator
    • “The narrator is the girl from the shop.”
  • Development
    • “The development between the father and the child is illustrated by (…)”
    • “In the short film the development of the relationship between Joey and Rayna (…)”
  • Atmosphere
    • “The atmosphere in the two schools is (…)”
    • “The atmosphere at her parents’ was tense because (…)”
    • “There’s a very different atmosphere in the classroom in Ireland.”
  • Visual contrasts
    • “The contrast between his life in Africa and his new life in Ireland is shown in the visual contrast.”
  • Setting
    • “The settings in both countries are (…)”
    • “The general setting includes several smaller settings, for example in the area during winter with natural landscapes and the house where Joey’s parents live.”
  • Framing
    • “Long shots are important parts of the framing.”
    • “It is important to notice that there are no close-ups in the framing of this short film.”
  • Title
    • “The short film from 2010 by Deb Shoval, who is an American write, has the title (…)”
    • “The title “Strangers” is very fitting. Two different religions versus the white, bald men.”
  • Flashback
    • “(…) but there are a lot of flashbacks to Africa.”
    • “There is a lot of flashback is the short film where (…)”
  • Close-up
    • “In the framing there are a lot of close-ups on Joey.”
    • “The framing is characterized by the use of close-ups.”
  • Main theme
    • “The main theme of the short film is (…)”
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