Nr. Navn Kollektion Udgivet Farvet Finish
24 French tip Core colors Hvid Creme
47 All over pink Core colors Pink
68 Hey gorgeous Core colors Rød
94 Soft chiffon Core colors
108 Club clear Wild at heart Klar
115 Cadillac red All about color Rød Creme
225 Watermelon candy pink Core colors Pink
428 Pink pearls Core colors
431 Reddy or not Core colors Rød
432 Sugar sheer All about color Lyserød Creme
489 Ruby slippers Core colors Rød Glitter
753 Coral cascade Core colors Orange
759 Nature’s way Ukendt
765 Buff & natural Core colors
767 Catwalk Catwalk queen Rød
771 Love links Core colors
780 Gold glitter Core colors Guld Glitter
781 Silver glitter Core colors Sølv Glitter
792 A warm place Core colors Rød
795 Poker face Core colors
799 Royal flush Core colors Rød
803 In bloom Core colors Lyserød
806 Killer curves Fast lane
808 Queen of speed Snow queen
824 Snow queen Snow queen
825 Feverish Snow queen
828 Brrr-red Snow queen
832 Regatta red Yacht club
833 Overboard Yacht club
835 Naughtycal navy Yacht club
842 Sex symbol Glitter vixen
843 Magic attraction Glitter vixen
844 Sultry diva Glitter vixen
845 Art of seduction Glitter vixen
846 Sexy siren Glitter vixen
847 Object of envy Glitter vixen
848 Tru passion Glitter vixen
854 Where’s the soiree Femme fatale
857 Vintage couture Catwalk queen
861 Volt of light Electro candy
862 What a shock! Electro candy
863 Electro candy Electro candy
864 Tangerine scream Electro candy
865 Ultra violet Electro candy
866 Pure energy Electro candy
868 Wild and willing Wild at heart
874 I believe in amour Pardon my french Lyserød Creme
875 Hot couture Pardon my french Lyserød Glitter
878 Take me to your chateau Pardon my french Blå Creme
881 High society Rebel debutante
882 Best dressed list Rebel debutante Brun Creme
884 Uptown girl Rebel debutante
885 She’s sooo glam Rebel debutante
886 Ms. Socialite Rebel debutante
889 Pretty in platinum Untamed luxury
890 Wild orchid Untamed luxury
891 Positively posh Untamed luxury
900 Resort to red Untamed luxury
901 Snakeskin Untamed luxery Grå Shimmer
902 Covered in diamonds Untamed luxury Translusent Flakie
903 Get a clue Alter ego
904 Revelaed Alter ego
905 Incognito Alter ego
906 Secret rendezvous Alter ego
907 Sheer disguise Alter ego
908 Give me a hint Alter ego
909 Alter ego Alter ego
910 Secret agent Alter ego
911 Total mystery Alter ego Blå Shimmer
917 New bohemian Back to Boho Mint Creme
919 Rad nomad Back to Boho Brun Creme
920 Red-ical gypsy Back to Boho Rød Creme
924 Artsy crafty Back to Boho Grøn Creme
925 Blue-topia Back to Boho Blå Creme
927 Perfect mol-ten Foiled Grøn Foil
928 Antiquated Foiled Guld Foil
929 Cold metal Foiled Blå Foil
930 Hot like lava Foiled Lyserød Foil
931 Foil me once Foiled Lilla Foil
932 Lumin-icecent Foiled Blå Foil
933 More amour Pastel
935 Femme a la mode Pastel
937 Little miss Paris Pastel
938 Bonjour girl Pastel
945 Take the stage Backstage Pass Guld Glitter
946 Wish upon a rock star Backstage Pass Multifarvet Glitter
948 Platinum record Backstage Pass Sort/sølv Glitter
949 It’s a hit Backstage Pass Lilla Glitter
952 Hydrangea kiss Blossoming
953 Sweet pea Blossoming
954 Blue-ming Blossoming
955 Blushing rose Blossoming
956 Lavendarling Blossoming
957 Diamond drops Blossoming Holografisk Flakie
958 Wing fling Take Wing Rød Shimmer
959 Sparkle and soar Take Wing Orange Shimmer
960 Sky high Take Wing Blå Shimmer
961 Metamorphosis Take Wing Grøn Shimmer
963 Daisy does it Take Wing Gul Shimmer
964 Look book In true fashion
965 Style icon In true fashion
966 By design In true fashion
967 The limelight In true fashion Multichrome
968 Muse-ical In true fashion
970 Editorial In true fashion Grøn
971 Portfolio In true fashion Holografisk
975 Showtime In true fashion Holografisk
976 Harp on it Halo hues 2012 Sølv Holografisk
977 Cloud nine Halo hues 2012 Lyserød Holografisk
978 Halo-graphic Halo hues 2012 Lyserød Holografisk
979 Blue heaven Halo hues 2012 Blå Holografisk
980 Cherubic Halo hues 2012 Nude Creme
981 Angel kiss Halo hues 2012 Blå Creme
982 Mamba Fiesta Rød Creme
983 Flamingo Fiesta Pink Creme
984 Wild cactus Fiesta Grøn Creme
985 Sunrise canyon Fiesta Gul Metallic
986 Endless summer Fiesta Blå Creme
987 On the rocks Fiesta Sølv Creme
988 Evolution Kaleidoscope Blå Shimmer
989 In theory Kaleidoscope Orange Creme
990 Pearl-spective Kaleidoscope Guld Creme
991 Endless Kaleidoscope Lyserød Creme
992 Abyss Kaleidoscope Grøn Holografisk
993 Bright night Kaleidoscope Blå Holografisk
994 Beyond Halo hues 2013 Sort Holografisk
995 Cosmic fate Halo hues 2013 Brun Holografisk
996 Kismet Halo hues 2013 Grøn Holografisk
997 Over the moon Halo hues 2013 Blå Holografisk
998 Miss bliss Halo hues 2013 Lyserød Creme
999 Eternal beauty Halo hues 2013 Lilla Shimmer
1000 Silver lake Girl about town Grå Creme
1001 Williamsburg Girl about town Blå Shimmer
1002 East Austin Girl about town Koral Creme
1003 The uptown Girl about town Lilla Metallic
1004 Wicker park Girl about town Lyserød Shimmer
1005 Pearl distrect Girl about town Brun Creme
1006 Sugar rays Harlem light Nude Tekstur
1007 Poetic hues Harlem light Gul Creme
1008 Apollo star Harlem light Creme Creme
1009 Baldwin blues Harlem light Blå Glitter
1010 Lady holiday Harlem light Grå Foil
1011 Savoy nights Harlem light Blå Creme
1018 Lion’s den Safari garden Kobber Creme
1019 Nail-robi Safari garden Bælå Creme
1020 Tribe and true Safari garden Grøn Creme
1021 Look, dont tusk Safari garden Gul Shimmer
1022 In de-nile Safari garden Blå
1023 Safari sunset Safari garden Brun
1024 My girl Celebration Lyserød Crelly
1025 Bundle of joy Celebration Mint Crelly
1026 Oh boy Celebration Blå Crelly
1027 For you Celebration Multifarvet Crelly
1028 You rock! Celebration Guld holo Glitter
1029 Something new Celebration Hvid Glitter
1030 Everlasting love Celebration Rød Glitter
1031 Surprise! Celebration Multifarvet Glitter
1032 Girl code Celebration Multifarvet Glitter
1033 Pinky swear Celebration Lilla/blå Glitter
1034 Valedictorian Celebration Blå Glitter
1035 With love Celebration Kobber Glitter
1036 Macaroon swoon Paris in love Gul Creme
1037 Je t’aime Paris in love Lyserød Creme
1038 La petite mint-sieur Paris in love Grøn Creme
1039 Je ne sais quoi Paris in love Gul Creme
1040 Holy chic! Paris in love Blå Creme
1041 Fondue for two Paris in love Brun Creme
1042 Obsessed Seven deadly sins Grøn Tekstur
1043 Dirty money Seven deadly sins Guld Tekstur
1044 Fierce Seven deadly sins Rød Tekstur
1045 Friends with benefits Seven deadly sins Lyserød Tekstur
1046 Under your spell Seven deadly sins Lilla Tekstur
1047 Indulge me Seven deadly sins Kobber Tekstur
1048 You’re so vain Seven deadly sins Lilla Tekstur
1049 Million dollar listing Made in New York Guld Shimmer
1050 Apple of my eye Made in New York Rød Shimmer
1051 Bright lights big city Made in New York Lyserød Shimmer
1052 Off duty Made in New York Kobber Shimmer
1053 Concrete jungle Made in New York Blå Shimmer
1054 Night at the Met Made in New York Blå Shimmer
1055 Lady libery Made in New York Grøn Shimmer
1056 Frozen daiquiri Ticket to paradise Rød Creme
1057 With the cabana boy Ticket to paradise Orange Shimmer
1058 Tiny umbrella Ticket to paradise Peach Shimmer
1059 Bermuda beaches Ticket to paradise Lyserød Shimmer
1060 Sea-ing blue Ticket to paradise Blå Creme
1061 The islands Ticket to paradise Grøn Creme
1062 All inclusive Ticket to paradise Gul Creme
1063 Sweet mint Shift into neutral
1064 Blank canvas Shift into neutral
1065 Blush crush Shift into neutral
1066 Barely there Shift into neutral
1067 New-trial Shift into neutral
1068 Get a mauve on it Shift into neutral
1069 Midnight mulberry Shift into neutral
1070 Rocky mountain high Desert valley Rød Creme
1071 Road trip! Desert valley Blå Creme
1072 Prickly pear Desert valley Gul Creme
1073 Westbound Desert valley Lyserød Creme
1074 Made in the USA Desert valley Blå Creme
1075 Grand canyon Desert valley Orange Creme
1076 Route 66 Desert valley Blå Creme
1077 Comfy cozy Cabin fever Nude Creme
1078 Favorite flannel Cabin fever Rust Creme
1079 Into the woods Cabin fever Brun Creme
1080 Take a hike Cabin fever Blå Creme
1081 Leaf me alone Cabin fever Gul Creme
1082 Oh deer! Cabin fever Brun Creme
1083 Cup of cocoa Cabin fever Brun Creme
1084 Snowed in Frost bite Grå Metallic
1085 What a flake Frost bite Sort/hvid Glitter
1086 Winter white Frost bite Hvid Metallic
1087 24 Below Frost bite Guld Metallic
1088 Triple lutz Frost bite Kobber Metallic
1089 Polar vortex Frost bite Sort Shimmer
1090 I’m gonna luge it Frost bite Grå Metallic
1091 Star light star bright Halo hues 2015 Sølv Holografisk
1092 Sidewalk psychic Halo hues 2015 Brun Holografisk
1093 Date with destiny Halo hues 2015 Lilla Holografisk
1094 Crystal baller Halo hues 2015 Blå Holografisk
1095 Just my luck Halo hues 2015 Sølv Holografisk
1096 What’s your sign? Halo hues 2015 Lyserød Holografisk
1097 Fingers crossed Halo hues 2015 Sølv Holografisk
1102 Toasted Rules of engagement 2016
1103 Pinspiration Rules of engagement 2016
1104 Eat, drink & be married Rules of engagement 2016
1105 Plus one Rules of engagement 2016
1106 Love is love Rules of engagement 2016
1107 Piece of cake Rules of engagement 2016
1108 Save the date Rules of engagement 2016
1109 Teal for two English garden 2016
1110 Pinkies up English garden 2016
1111 Prim rose English garden 2016
1112 Biscuits & jam English garden 2016
1113 It’s about thyme English garden 2016
1114 Grand dame English garden 2016
1115 Long live the queen English garden 2016
05ALS 17 Its raining men Oil Slick Blå Multichrome
05ALS 18 Cash only Oil Slick Blå Multichrome
05ALS 19 Don’t kale my vibe Oil Slick Grøn Multichrome
05ALS 20 Ice breaker Oil Slick Blå Multichrome
05ALS 21 Burnt out Oil Slick Orange Multichrome
05ALS 22 We’ll never be royals Oil Slick Lilla Multichrome
05ALS 23 Sorry, not sorry Oil Slick Kobber Shimmer
05ALS 24 Makeout maven Oil Slick Brun Mat
05ALS 25 Perfect pout Matte rouge Orange Mat
05ALS 26 Motherpucker Matte rouge Lyserød Mat
05ALS 27 First base only Matte rouge Pink Mat
05ALS 28 Plum-p and juicy Matte rouge Lilla Mat
05ALS 29 Lips don’t lie Matte rouge Lilla Mat
05ALS 30 Spin the bottle Matte rouge Nude Mat
05ALS35 100 Matte rouge Grøn Glitter
05ALS38 TTYL Nailmoji neon Sølv Glitter
05ALS39 Vibes Nailmoji holographic Lyserød Glitter
05ALS40 #Goal Nailmoji holographic Rød Glitter
05ALS41 Shade Nailmoji holographic Guld Glitter
05ALS42 Sup? Nailmoji holographic Blå Glitter
05ALS43 Bae Nailmoji holographic Grøn Glitter
05ALS44 Lol Nailmoji holographic Lilla Glitter
AN01 Poptastic Poptastic
AN02 Feelin’ groovy Poptastic Grøn Creme
AN03 Wham! Pow! Poptastic
AN04 Age of aquarius Poptastic
AN05 Jackie oh! Poptastic
AN06 Almost famous Poptastic
AN07 Mrs. Robinson Poptastic
AN08 Youthquake Poptastic
AN09 Edie Poptastic
AN11 Factory girl Poptastic
AN12 Lava lamp Poptastic
AN13 Warhol Poptastic
AN14 Chelsea girl Poptastic
AN15 Modern pink Poptastic Lyserød Creme
AN16 Psychedelic scene Poptastic
AN17 Koo-koo-cachoo Poptastic
AN18 Peppermint twist Poptastic Lyserød Creme
AN19 Trippie hippie Poptastic
AN20 Pucci-licious Poptastic
AN21 Twiggie Poptastic
AN22 All that razz Poptastic Pink Creme
AN23 Peace out purple Poptastic Pink Creme
AN24 Disco dress Poptastic
AN25 Peace, love & polish Poptastic neon Lyserød Shimmer
AN26 Foxy mama Poptastic neon Orange Shimmer
AN27 Not-so-mellow yellow Poptastic neon Gul Shimmer
AN28 Kapow! Poptastic neon Pink Shimmer
AN29 Bell bottom babe Poptastic neon Blå Shimmer
AN30 Right on Poptastic neon Lilla Shimmer
AN31 Feathered hair out to there Poptastic Pastel neon Lyserød Creme
AN32 Hot-hot-hot pants Poptastic Pastel neon Lyserød Creme
AN33 Disco’s not dead Poptastic Pastel neon Gul Creme
AN34 Under the blacklight Poptastic Pastel neon Gul Creme
AN35 Till the record stops Poptastic Pastel neon Grøn Creme
AN36 Meet me in the rink Poptastic Pastel neon Blå Creme
AN37 Diggin’ the dancing queen Poptastic Pastel neon Lilla Creme
AFN01 Get your lem-on Wicked Sweet Gul Shimmer
AFN02 The lime starts here Wicked Sweet Grøn Creme
AFN03 I always get my man-darin Wicked Sweet Orange Shimmer
AFN04 Yum gum Wicked Sweet Lyserød Creme
AFN05 Raspberry rush Wicked Sweet Pink Creme
AFN06 Gimme a grape big kiss Wicked Sweet Rød Creme
AFN07 Wicket sweet Wicked Sweet Blå Shimmer
LS01 Pixi-lated Modern mosaic Lyserød Tekstur
LS02 Orange crush Modern mosaic Orange Tekstur
LS03 Love you to pieces Modern mosaic Lilla Tekstur
LS04 Blue beaded Modern mosaic Blå Tekstur
LS05 Subway station Modern mosaic Grå Tekstur
LS06 Green piece Modern mosaic Grøn Tekstur
LS07 Soft baked Cookies and creme Nude Crelly
LS08 Double scoop Cookies and creme Lyserød Crelly
LS09 In the mix Cookies and creme Grøn Crelly
LS10 So crumby Cookies and creme Blå Crelly
LS11 The sweet life Cookies and creme Blå Crelly
LS12 Mad batter Cookies and creme Lilla Crelly
LUV01 Red-handed Love tahiry Rød Creme
LUV02 50 shades of love Love tahiry Rød/sølv Glitter
LUV03 On cloud nine Love tahiry Hvid Creme
LUV04 Seal it with a kiss Love tahiry Coral Creme
LUV05 Jitters Love tahiry Lilla Glitter
LUV06 Tall, dark & handsome Love tahiry Grå Creme
LUV07 Sweet getaway Love tahiry Pink Creme
ANR01 My generation Poptastic remix Pink Glitter
ANR02 Do the twist Poptastic remix Orange Glitter
ANR03 Woodstock or bust Poptastic remix Gul Glitter
ANR04 Go-go green Poptastic remix Grøn Glitter
ANR05 Daydream believer Poptastic remix Blå Glitter
ANR06 British invasion Poptastic remix Lilla Glitter
ANR07 Boogie all night long Poptastisk Pastel Neon Remix Lyserød Glitter
ANR08 Call of the disco ball Poptastisk Pastel Neon Remix Orange Glitter
ANR09 Soul sister Poptastisk Pastel Neon Remix Gul Glitter
ANR10 It’s electric! Poptastisk Pastel Neon Remix Grøn Glitter
ANR11 On the flip side Poptastisk Pastel Neon Remix Grøn Glitter
ANR12 Get down tonight Poptastisk Pastel Neon Remix Blå Glitter
ANR13 Feel the funk Poptastisk Pastel Neon Remix Lilla Glitter
ANR14 Tube top Popwask 2016 Pink
ANR15 Flushed Popwask 2016 Koral
ANR16 Darling clementine Popwask 2016 Orange
ANR17 Hello sunshine Popwask 2016 Gul
ANR18 Just dew it Popwask 2016 Grøn
ANR19 Out of the blue Popwask 2016 Blå
ANR20 Uncorked Popwask 2016 Lilla
ANR21 Trapper keeper Pop chalk 2016 Blå
ANR22 Study buddy Pop chalk 2016
ANR23 Cliff notes Pop chalk 2016 Gul
ANR24 Chalk it up Pop chalk 2016 Hvid
ANR25 Extra credit Pop chalk 2016
ANR26 School yard crush Pop chalk 2016
ANR27 Tic-tac-toe Pop chalk 2016 Grøn
AGN01 Space cage Starry temptress Pink Shimmer
AGN02 Ultra-astral Starry temptress
AGN03 Wink, wink, twinkle Starry temptress
AGN04 You got soul-ar Starry temptress
AGN05 Glitter envy Starry temptress Grøn Shimmer
AGN06 Outerworldly Starry temptress
AGN07 Starry temptress topcoat Starry temptress
AMB5253 Sugarplum fairy Beyond The Mistletoe
ABM5254 Candy cane Beyond The Mistletoe
AMB5257 Beyond the mistletoe Beyond The Mistletoe
ABM5259 Gingerbread Beyond The Mistletoe Guld Glitter
AMB5275 Jingle jangle Beyond The Mistletoe
AWA04 Gift of sparkle Winter affair Lilla Glitter
AWA05 Winter affair Winter affair
AWA06 Snow-flakes Winter affair Translusent Glitter